Installation Support and Training

Supflex PMS Inc. has an installation course for Supflex dealers or distributors. SUPFLEX and SUPERFLEX, with their partners, have extensive experience with floats construction. We understand the importance of a good plan, a good design, and a repeatable process to specify the system, build components, inspect components, and deliver the components to the work site for assembly.

Overview of the SUPFLEX Installation Process:

  • Planning the project and determining specifications.
  • Select anchor models and design the concrete anchor size shape and structure.
  • Delivery and setup of the Floats, SUPFLEX stands, and mooring lines or chains with shackles.
  • Connection of whole system components.
  • Install every SUPFLEX mooring line with an initial pretension stress request if it meets the civil engineer's correct tension design calculation.
  • Within 1 ~ 5 days after the full Installation is completed or after a hurricane attack, check and re-adjust if it's necessary