September 2020 – SUPFLEX mooring system of 20 strands was installed to anchor a 36,000 ton floating platform for Bridgemans Kitamaat JV Roro and Breakwater Installation Project in Canada. Our system is still successfully stabilizing the floating platform even after a year of installation.

Supflex Pontoon Mooring Systems, Inc.

On Nov 05, 2020, SUPFLEX was informed by Professor Dr. Yage You at C.A.S. (GIEC) Guanzhou Institute of Energy Conversion that SUPFLEX 2020 met the Ocean Energy 2020 IEC/TC-114 standard.

During 2003-2019, over 17 years continuous improvement and many evolution, serious exam non-stop more than two hundred fifty-nine thousand times (259,000) pulling and automatic revival test.

The automatic cycle pulling tests is (6 secs pulling to 60% and release with 6 secs) completed in SUPFLEX San Jose laboratory.

On February 02, 2020, after above fatigue test complete, it is verified, it is very successful. Proved SUPFLEX shock absorber mooring systems able survival in the Hurricane Area.

The SUPFLEX 2020 IEC/TC-114 mooring systems is a mooring design for large floats or barges, even when the wave or wind shock force from the hurricane. The SUPFLEX is one of the best mooring systems choice of hurricane area, for the offshore floats or barges shock absorber mooring systems.

Supflex Pontoon Mooring Systems, Inc.

SUPFLEX joined exhibition at Miami International Boat Show on Feb 12-17, 2020.

On Feb. 03, 2020, SUPERFLEX rubber bar has already successfully passed the Marina Lifetime exam test of a 355-year tidal cycle test without fail.

Fatigue Test: It successfully passed (SUPFLEX San Jose California laboratory) hurricane wave exam test on Nov 16, 2016.

Non-stop pulling for 36 days (864 hours) exam test of 3,110,400 secs, equal to a 355-year tidal cycle, in SUPFLEX laboratory ACPM (Auto Cycle Pulling Machine pulling every 12 secs/per cycle, absorbed 6 times /per sec = already non-stop absorbed 18,662,400 times in one exam test) under 60% elongation auto revival non-stop pulling exam.

These are the offshore strong taut flexible auto revival lifetime mooring systems designs, providing and creating a new way for islands all around the world. They have their own 50-year stable natural ocean green energy power without any failure or pollution.

SUPFLEX exhibited offshore technology conference OTC in Houston on May 2019.

Supflex Pontoon Mooring Systems, Inc.