SUPFLEX Offshore Mooring

SUPFLEX high technology Nanofiber rubber shock-absorber mooring system is a simple hurricane-proof shock absorber mooring system.

SUPFLEX is a very stable & reliable mooring system. SUPFLEX Nano Technology Rubber Bar Taut elastic Mooring can absorb every 0.1-sec shock-absorber hurricane wave force, designed as lifetime pontoon mooring systems.

Supflex designs mooring systems on floating devices, which considers more than the four-dimensional space-time curve (includes the curved shock force of space-time while factoring in every moment of change). It also considers more than the vector force of the hurricane turbulence spiral force.

Supflex Pontoon Mooring Systems, Inc.
Supflex Pontoon Mooring Systems, Inc.

It needs to accumulate different space-time of the relative force to accumulate energy power count by (Joules), and continually accumulate all times energy power force during that period, to calculate various space surge mixed vector energy (Joules) instead of simple vector force (Newton).

That is why SUPFLEX FPSO spread mooring needs to insert a stiffness absorber with SUPFLEX Nano Elastic Stiffness Taut mooring instead of only a big size RQ4 class quality mooring Chain or large size diameter steel cable to SEMI- Taut mooring systems. (See FPSO mooring for details)

To be sure of such complex force energy calculations for the solution, some of the offshore engineers, such as Moses, Aqua, Hydrostar, Yoshimi Goda have chosen to analyze the accumulated energy force during each high hurricane wave 5-10 second period (the most powerful wave energy force-time period), the dangerous interactive reaction wave energy force.

SUPFLEX has test data of all mooring systems for floating marine engineer designer, with precious 0.01 sec - 1 sec every force power, auto revival taut elastic laboratory test report. It will help the marine engineers more easily analyze, during the certain turbulent period of various directions interactive time accumulated on its floating mooring systems, how many various vector energy forces (Joules) they need it.

According to the 0.01 - 1 second tensile test result data, able to analyze what is their need for float structure strength and anchoring systems for their float structure requirement necessary during hurricane attack.

2012 SUPFLEX Supply for Harbin Engineering University (HEU)’s first offshore current turbine green-energy barge in a high hurricane area. August 7-8th, 2012 SUPFLEX has successfully passed the test of the China HAIKUI hurricane (China East coast largest hurricane in 100 years with 185 Km/Hour wind & maximum 10-meter height wave).

Supflex Pontoon Mooring Systems, Inc.