Engineering Calculation

  1. SUPFLEX engineering calculation is in the SUPFLEX shock absorber mooring systems, according to buyer's project data & functional considerations before production. Component materials are selected from world-class suppliers.
  2. SUPFLEX shock absorb hurricane-proof wave force explanation, 4D calculation requirements:

Supflex designs mooring shock absorber systems for floating devices, needs to consider four-dimensional (include shock force-time factor). It is more than one vector force of the hurricane turbulence turbulent spiral force. It accumulates different times of relative force and is very complex to cumulate various force power counts by energy (JOULES). It needs to continually accumulate several time energies forces during that period. It has become various space surge mixed vector energy (Quantum energy Joules) instead of simple horizontal or vertical vector XYZ etc. force (Newton).


The traditional marine floating mooring materials, such as hemp rope, polyester rope, nylon rope, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene rope, polypropylene rope, steel cable, or chain, were sometimes chosen to link with heavy concrete on anchoring lines for shock absorbent.

Since the successful mass production of new materials of Carbon Nanotubes in 1991, Carbon Fiber in 1995, and Graphene Fiber in 2011. SUPFLEX has completed the commissioned design manufacture of quasi-nano-level long-lasting hurricane-proof shock absorbers for marine tidal and wave force in 2012.

After examination by ACPM automatic revival cycle pulling machine of SUPFLEX PMS INC. Company, when under 50% of the length of the SUPFLEX rubber bar cable is stretched for a long time, the test result confirms that it has 18,662,400 times of stable absorption during the pulling test 3,110,400 seconds. Within five seconds, the test data can be used for engineering design to taut and control safe movement during the typhoon wave mooring of the floating platform. For example, a typhoon with 17-meter-high waves of force, and the extreme 12-meter tidal drop, can still greatly absorb the impact of the waves by 80%-90% and within the marine engineer designed allowed mooring move limited distance, for controlling the horizontal and vertical directions or another movement.

A correct design of the SUPFLEX shock absorber mooring system allows the floating platform to move a certain small distance slowly, soft and taut steadily, but also continually. It automatically revives and absorbs shock as following data information.