SUPFLEX rubber rope bar specification:

  • Rubber Bar Part: It is made with ARAMID (Kevlar or Technora) and UHMPE fiber, combined with high-quality Mutil-Component CR, EPDM, IIR, NR, SBR rubbers, includes some Nano chemicals material and follows the FDA environmental standards of production.
  • Metal Parts: Use stainless steel #316 marine class connection nuts, stainless steel #316 bolts & #316 plate rods.
  • Shackles (optional): Each mooring line includes 2 PCS #316 stainless steel (D20 mm) shackle WLL (lbs) workload 3,000 LBS, Minimum Breaking Load (MBL) (lbs) 4,000 LBS.
  • UHMPE Rope or Polyester or Nylon Rope: Limited 70-75% elongation polyester rope with MBL 9,000 LBS.
  • Working Temperature: Supflex CEINS rubber bars must installation & work in the water temperature between -40°C to + 40°C. The Supflex CEINS Rubber bar is designed for limited condition taut elastic mooring in water over ten years of life.
  • Rubber bar / each unit Minimum Elongation ability >=70 %
  • Rubber bar in the water under 50% elongation auto-revival minimum with 73,000 cycle.
  • High Standard of Marina Lifetime Quality

SUPFLEX Carbon, etc. fiber full synthetic rubber bar material is meet ISO 9001 products and had passed tests at ABS, CCS, CNAS, National Taiwan University of Science Technology Civil Engineering Mechanics, & China Beijing Tsinghua University Civil Engineer Department, & United States of America Texas A and M University Marine Engineer laboratory.

SUPFLEX single strands 2020 D27mm test result

Supflex Pontoon Mooring Systems, Inc.
Supflex Pontoon Mooring Systems, Inc.