Offshore Mooring
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SUPERFLEX System Highlights:

1.        2013 SUPERFLEX Nano CEIMNS rubber strands has more than 125,000 cycle life Heavy Revival Elasticity Taut Mooring
       (Test by Auto Cycle Pulling Machine ACPM under 50% elongation)
2.        Precisely Adjustable to desire tension force range for buyer request
3.        Auto revival to normal length and heavy pretension force
4.        Super Shock Force Absorber
5.        Able adjustable pretension Ultra stiffness even able up to 6,000 KN/unit, & Minimum Break Load able up to 25,000KN/unit.
6.        Environmental friendly from - 45C ~ + 50 C
7.        Free maintenance (only adjust after storm or if buyer special need)
8.        High Standard of Quality (2010 ISO9001 & ABS survey test certification)

Precisely Adjustable to desire tension force range:
The Superflex strands provides a range of tension force to control the stability of the pontoon, Nano CEIMNS rubber strands can be
manufactured precisely based on the design pretension force range (minimum taut stress to maximum working load) according to each
project loading requirement.

In normal condition, the system is work between the taut stress to maximum work tension load range. While the wave                            
force from wind storm is hitting the pontoon, it will automatically dynamically adjust its tension strength on the                                          
SUPFLEX for the wave shock force during windstorm, also automatically extend up to its maximum tension                                              
strength to taut revival able meet engineer design from start stiffness strength anchoring pontoon firmly taut elastic mooring.

Environmental Friendly:
SUPERFLEX Nano rubber strands meet FDA 5000 standard & it does not release pollutants into the marine ecosystem.
Totally no pollution to the environment. It is also suitable for locations with fresh water lake or city marina.

Almost Free Maintenance:
The auto revival characteristic of the SUPERFLEX Nano Rubber Mooring strands, the mooring rubber strands & anchor line
automatically revival to the original position on pre-stress load strength and length, so there is no any manual adjustment
required during the windstorm or tidal change.

High Standard of Quality:
SUPERFLEX Nano Rubber strands Products meet ISO 9001 standards, and have passed tests at ABS, CCS, CNAS,
National Taiwan University of Science Technology Civil Engineering Mechanics, & China Beijing Tsinghua University Civil
Engineer Department, & United States of America Texas A&M University Marine Engineer laboratory.
(Superflex is one of SUPFLEX Mooring Systems brand name) Design in Cupertino

Manufacture produce 667 strands/unit, each unit minimum break load 1,000 tonne, shock absorb able up to 66,000KN/unit.
Each strand minimum break load 1.5 tonne, shock absorb able reach up 100 KN/each strands.
Superflex 2013 has Hurricane Proof successful taut & elastic mooring on the world largest offshore Tidal Energy Floats.

Excellent 10 years record no maintenance needed, since it have installed in the United States, China, Japan,
Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mideast, South America & other Country  from 2003.

Very Low Cost & Easy Installation. No maintenance needed after correct installation.

Superflex® is a real Offshore Hurricane Proof Mooring Solution, which you can trust.
2013 SUPERFLEX  Nano Taut Elastic Mooring strands has tested by HAIKUI super hurricane and second taut mooring successful in
China Ocean for China Tidal Energy Turbine 250 tonne Barge at Zhejiang offshore again & again
Design in U.S.A. Cupertino.
2007 HONG KONG International Airport Skypier 3,650 tonne (64M x 24M x 7M) 2 floating terminal huge barges have selected
Superflex Nano Taut Elastic mooring strands & proved success
SUPERFLEX CEIMNS Nano Taut Elastic Mooring strands Innovation
USA (Phone): 1-408-828-8788,1-408-568-4010, USA email:, &
2013 SUPERFLEX Nano Technology:

Use World Strongest Kevlar & UHMPE & Carbon Nano Materials chemically combine together with multi component CEIMNS (CR,
EPDM, IIR, MQ, NR, SBR,..) rubber strands taut elastic mooring auto revival systems breakthrough old mooring technology.
June 3, 2013 SUPERFLEX  Nano Taut Elastic Mooring strands has 3nd successful hurricane proof taut mooring for China Ocean
Oil of Tidal Energy Current Turbine Barges 350 tonne at China offshore.