Offshore Mooring
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Superflex Nano technology bar solve the problem for ocean offshore wave shock force

Which is made by Kevlar & UHMWPE & Carbon fiber with Nano materials chemically
combine together with multi component SCIENCE (SBR, CR, IIR, EPDM, NR, CIIR, EPDM2,..)

Rubber bar strands taut elastic heavy duty mooring auto revival systems
breakthrough mooring with better only chain systems.
Superflex is Environmental Friendly:

SUPERFLEX Nano rubber bar strands meet FDA 5000 standard & it does not release pollutants into the marine ecosystem.
Totally no pollution to the environment. It is also suitable for locations with fresh water lake or city marina.

Superflex is Maintenance Free:

The auto revival characteristic of the SUPERFLEX Nano Rubber Mooring bar, the mooring rubber bars & anchor line       
automatically revival to the original position on pre-stress load strength and length, so there is no any manual adjustment
required during the
designed windstorm or tidal change.

High Standard of Quality:

SUPERFLEX Nano Rubber bar products meet ISO 9001 standards, and have passed tests at ABS, CCS, CNAS,
National Taiwan University of Science Technology Civil Engineering Mechanics, & China Beijing Tsinghua University Civil
Engineer Department, & United States of America Texas A&M University Marine Engineer laboratory.

SUPERFLEX mooring systems - Economical cost, Real hurricane proof
anchoring systems.
Superflex (Nano-High Tech products) the world most efficiency
taut elastic anchoring bar, absorb hurricane wave shock force during each 0.01 sec,
absorb thousand tons Joules force energy during 4 sec on offshore floating platform !
SUPERFLEX taut elastic mooring auto revival bar, absorb the shock force during each 0.01 sec for
breakwater pontoons, offshore platforms, docks, since 2003, products pass 12 years, it success
examined test by many hurricane and storms in United States, England, Germany, Canada, China,
Japan,Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malysia, Thailand, Mideast, South America & other country.
Superflex strands choice, and pontoon structure strength choice, calculation sample on our 2015
website "SUPERFLEX calculation" page.

 SUPERFLEX SCIENCE Technology Nano rubber bar Taut Elastic Mooring
 USA (Tel): 1-408-828-8788.
USA email:, &

 SUPERFLEX System Highlights:

 1.  2013 SUPERFLEX continue the FDA 5000 standard Nano SCIENCE rubber bar strands(bars) has
more than 125,000 cycle life Heavy Revival Taut Mooring (Test by Auto Cycle Pulling Machine
ACPM under 50% elongation)
 2.  Precisely Adjustable to desire tension force range for buyer request
 3.  Auto revival to normal length and heavy pretension force
 4.  Environmental friendly from - 50C ~ + 50 C
 5.  Free maintenance (only adjust after storm or if buyer special need)
 6.  High Standard of Quality (CCS & ABS survey test certification)
How to design a hurricane proof mooring system, for offshore platforms, marina pontoon,.....
First step: Avoid design hurricane force on floating devices choices simple calculation, assume
the storm or hurricane wave force comes only count by straight or lateral vector forces concept.

But in fact, the three-dimensional storm typhoon storm force, belonging to much more than one
direction vector force of the storm turbulence turbulent spiral force, it accumulate different times of relative force is very complex
as similar to cumulate nuclear energy (JOULES), need continue accumulate several time energy force by that period time moment,
become vary space surge mixed vector energy (Joules) instead of simple vector force (Newton).

To make such kind complex force energy calculation solution, most of the offshore engineers they choice Moses, Aqua, Hydrostar,
Yoshimi Goda,... to analysis the accumulate energy force(JOULES), during each hurricane high wave 5 sec period (the most powerful wave
energy force time period), the dangerous interactive reaction energy force.

Since SUPERFLEX communicate with
our mooring systems for floating marina, breakwater pontoon, offshore barge, or platform with
marine engineer designer, by
our precious 0.1 sec-0.01 sec auto revival taut elastic analysis laboratory test report, it will help the marine
engineers more easy to analysis, the various direction interactive time accumulate from vary vector energy force(Joules).

Therefore the engineers, they can accumulate above vector energy force result, according Superflex 0.01 sec tensile test report data, to
analysis what is their float structure tension strength, and anchoring systems they need, to design protect hurricane energy force on their
float(docks, platform) for their mooring systems requirement necessary.
HONG KONG International Airport Skypier 3,650 tonne (64M x 24M x 7M) 2 floating terminal barges, it purchased Superflex bar taut elastic
mooring systems, it examined & wonderful proved its success excellent mooring systems. ( Dsigned by BMT  )
Aug 7-8, 2012 SUPERFLEX  Nano Taut Mooring  Bar Shock Absorber Systems has success pass China  Zhoushan Island HAIKUI
hurricane wave shock force examination, the 185 Km/Hour wind & maximum 12 meter height wave, anchoring by Superflex
GB480080 taut mooring for China Offshore Tidal Energy Turbine 250 tonne Barge. ( Designed by HEU )
March 2, 2013 SUPERFLEX  SB980090 Nano taut elastic mooring bar systems has proof safety, during
hurricane wave forcetaut mooring bar for China Ocean Oil of Tidal Energy Current Turbine 350 tonne
barge at China offshore complete passed many hurricane successfully. ( Designed by HEU )